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January 20, 2020


Claudio Fasoli's Innersounds - trailer.

The documentary wants to be a real journey into the creative processes of jazz musician Claudio Fasoli, a journey in stages, an intimate and unpublished black and white portrait. Claudio's voice reveals his thoughts as he spoke directly to every single viewer, and helps us to get as far as you can with words, in concepts such time, improvisation, the real meaning of the word jazz. The flm follows the entire process of creating a new composition by Claudio Fasoli. The chords sketched on the piano, playing with sax, the musical arrangement with the Quintet in the rehearsal room, until the live performance. The editing is marked by absolute respect for Claudio's music, for this “Claudio Fasoli's Innersounds” besides being a portrait of a Great of Jazz, aspire to being in itself a real Jazz movie. Director: Angelo Poli

(film) Claudio Fasoli INNERSOUNDS

Director: Angelo Poli

Musicians: Claudio Fasoli, Andrea Lamacchia, Michelangelo Decorato, Michael Gassmann, Marco Zanoli.