Cama Onte (2011) Featuring Achille Succi on bass clarinet. 1. Cama Onte, 2. Camel Blue, 3. Modimo, 4. Tosca Tango, 5. Prince of Lydia, 6. Otto Mani, 7. Lost and Found

Tolga Trio feat. Achille Succi – Cama Onte


All songs composed by Tolga During.

Tolga During: guitar, fretless guitar, electronic bow
Lorenzo Lucci: guitar
Andrea Lamacchia: double bass

special guest:
Achille Succi: bass clarinet

Recorded, mixed and mastered by Gian Luca Gadda
Recorded at casa La Lodola, February 2011
Cover painting by Viktor Zakryny─Źny
released March 4, 2012